Audiomack Support Feature: What It Means

Audiomack Supporters For Artists (Creators)

On Audiomack, you discover new artists and listen to their music, but you’re looking for a greater, more meaningful method to support the music you love.

Supporters is a term used to describe those who help others. By allowing listeners to actively contribute to releases, Audiomack Supporters establishes a new cash source for artists and an exclusive link between creators and fans. To access Supporters, make sure you have the most recent version of the Audiomack app.

What it Means for Creators to Have Supporters

  • A novel technique to make money.
  • When fans back a release, the artists profit more.
  • Much more cash.
  • Direct access to the most ardent supporters.

On Audiomack, you can find out who your biggest admirers are and then message them directly.

“With Supporters, Audiomack is treating artists as entrepreneurs developing viable professions, as they perceive themselves.”
Supporters gives creators additional ways to make money while bringing loyal fans closer to the music and artists they love.”
—Dave Macli, co-founder and CEO of Audiomack

Audiomack Supporters For Artists (Creators)
What it Means for Fans to Have Supporters

Become a part of the music you enjoy. By directly supporting the work and careers of the artists you admire, you can show your support for them.

Show off your fandom.
Put your name on a press release and earn shareable trophies to show the world how much you care.

How Does It Work?

  • Fans can purchase support badges attached to a song or album to directly support an artist.
  • The artist makes more money, and the fan is forever linked to the supported release.
  • The artist can message their fans directly to express their gratitude and send links to special content and offers (merch links, concert tickets, unreleased songs, and more!)

To access Supporters, make sure you have the most recent version of the Audiomack app.

See Audiomack Supporters for Creators for all you need to know about Supporters as a creator/artist, including how to make sure your releases are enabled for support and what to do if you receive support.

See Audiomack Supporters for Fans for all you need to know about Supporters as a fan/listener, including how to support and why it’s vital for artists.

How do I get paid by Supporters?

Supporters badges revenue is grouped into your AMP payments.

How do I turn my fans into supporters?

Encourage your fans to back you up! You can advertise your release in any way you like, including on social media, through your email list, and so on. Make sure to include your Audiomack link so that your followers may readily utilize the project’s Support feature.