Get sensible team members – Blogger counsels Port Harcourt entertainers



Self-acclaimed Trouble Maker and Port Harcourt based blogger known as Kisiiblog took to his facebook page to counsel Port Harcourt based entertainers.

Read his post below.

Dear Port Harcourt entertainer, businessman and whatever…
This is a plea for you all to have sense and do the right thing.

Whatever you find yourself doing, please have sense and do it well.
Get yourself a team, not just a team, but a team will people who have sense.

Get yourself a manager, a good PR personnel and all sort.

This is the reason:
1. A manager will definitely guide you when you’re going astray, when to talk or react to something and when not to.
If he or she have sense, they’re suppose to guide your every move, because whether you like it or not, you’re a public figure and some action and reactions from you could bring you down without you knowing.

2. A PR personnel that have sense will know what will build your brand and what will crash your brand.
Some of all the criticisms you get are not all negative, some are coming to you sohl that you’ll build on it and grow more.
A good PR person will know whether that gossip about you or your brand will harm you or not, or whether that gossip is worth reacting to.

Not all criticisms or gossips towards and about you will render fall your brand, some are stepping Stones to greater heights.

As a blogger, it’s my duty to post true or fake news about you, it’s all in a bid to make news or to make somethings actually trend. But it’s your job abi job of your PR personnel to know whether this news about you or your brand will be a good publicity stunt to promote you and your brand.

You don’t go around threatening all Tom, dick and Harry that talks about you or your brand. Some are there to build you mad take your brand higher.

This is one thing.
I post fake news about you
a. I get mad views on my blog because definitely, this country like bad news or gossip.
b. I get more people going to my blog for gossips and juicy stories.
c. I make more money
d. This is the sweetest part. You cue into the story, you join me make a,b and c.

Have sense, get a team of good people.
I still dy look una.





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