How to Grow Your Artist Career and Avoid Stagnation

How to Grow Your Artist Career and Avoid Stagnation

Many people aspire to work as artists. You already have some excellent songs and want to share them with the audience. Aside from the music, many people miss crucial steps that could help you reach a far wider audience.
An artist can wish to release a song as soon as it’s finished, hoping for a bomb effect. Unfortunately, if the launch isn’t well-planned, it may slip unnoticed. However, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances of success.
Branding, visibility on social media, and canvassing professionals are all necessary measures in expanding your firm.

A medium-term strategy

Any artist who wants to stay in the business must be able to project himself into the future and know where he wants to go.
Even though we’re talking about people, music is a product, and the artist’s brand image is a product. Consider a shoe company that wishes to launch a new line: how do you think it would go about doing so? Would she immediately release a new model as it leaves the factory, or would she devise a strategy to reach as many people as possible?

Establish Goals

To begin, the artist must take two positions in order to understand how to attain his objectives:
What am I doing today?
Examine your previous accomplishments and failures:

  • Do you have any titles out yet? What did your fans think about them?
  • How many followers do you have throughout your various social media platforms?
  • Is there a way to reveal a personal signature in your work?
  • In six months, where do I want to be? In a year’s time?

In any marketing review, the objectives are measured in numbers and numbers. They should not be confused with your purpose and vision statements.
Your purpose (to promote values of equality and inclusion, to help my audience feel better in their lives…) is described in the mission. The vision, on the other hand, is concerned with non-quantifiable goals (I want to play at the Olympia, find dates in Europe, have an EP available for sale). Because of their similarities, the two are sometimes mistaken.
Consider your objectives in terms of numbers as well (increase my number of followers on Instagram by 10 percent in three months, for example).
Consider “retro-planning” as a further step. To get closer, create your calendar backward, starting with the farthest moment. What are the main stages to releasing an EP in six months that will allow it to be the most successful?
It may be required, for example, to prepare the release of a single three weeks in advance and to do some interviews.

Figure out who my target market is.

You’re targeting a specific audience, as with any product. A rap artist will not appeal to the same demographic as a singer-songwriter.
You can figure out who you’re following by looking at your own followers: who has followed you so far? Is it largely guys or mostly women? Adults in their thirties and forties or teenagers? What do they eat and where do they live? What other musicians do they enjoy?
Your Facebook and YouTube accounts can help you view things more clearly because their categorization is fairly detailed and provides concrete elements. Depending on the situation, you’ll know how to modify the appropriate language and how to express yourself, as well as what stuff to provide to your audience.
Warning: You can try to steer your audience in the direction you want them to go, but ultimately, fans select their artists, not the other way around. You are who you are; don’t try to change who you are to appeal to a different audience.


You can start thinking about your branding after you’ve set your goals and have a good idea of where you’re going. Consider several well-known brands, such as Apple and Nike. What makes us recognize them and recognize the thing even before we see it or consume it?
What distinguishes Madonna from other musicians in terms of music? When you hear her name, what words come to mind?
Differentiating yourself from others does not always imply a negative view of other artists. Take a look at how many collaborations exist in the music industry. An ally could be an artist who looks like you: their audience could be yours, and vice versa.
Watch the magic of playlists: you can discover yourself connected to other artists based on a musical signature, style, or personality, much to the delight of your new audience.
Examine the work of artists with similar musical signatures: how do they communicate? How frequently do they update their social media accounts? What social media platforms do they utilize, anyway?
What about you? What can you bring to the table that is greater or different than what the other artists in your field have to offer? How can you be inspired by what they accomplish without following in their footsteps?
Examine which media they appear in, as well as the locations where they performed. Make a list of things that might be useful to you. Without losing sight of the fact that you should be yourself and follow your own path.

Presence on the internet

Ask yourself a valid question when it comes to the Internet and social media: what image do you want your fans to have of you?
When you go to your profile on Instagram, for example, you can see nine to twelve photographs at once. We should be able to figure out who you are based on your bio and the pictures that appear.

If you’re a singer-songwriter who writes feminist lyrics, it’d be a pity if you didn’t see it on social media.
Remember to plan to post on a regular basis. You can save photos and videos in a folder on your computer to post on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that social media algorithms are always changing. In either case, if you don’t publish frequently enough, your followers will lose track of you and no one will be able to locate you.
Also keep in mind that based on your profile and musical style, some social networks are more valuable than others. Allow the triumphs of other artists to inspire you once more.
Today, you have thousands of options for creating a free website on which you may keep track of your concert dates, upload useful content such as images, and present your biography and career. Here you can collect and present everything that makes you a distinct and different artist to experts.

The network of professionals

You’ve probably considered playing a few performances in the future, or you’d like to be mentioned in the news, as part of your retroplanning. However, not everyone has access to your stuff yet, and it is up to you to make a good impression on the professionals.
Prepare a few example emails to send to the professionals you want to reach out to. Remember to tailor your communications to them so that each contact feels distinct and interested.

Additionally, have an EPK ready to distribute to interested parties. This paper is well-known among professionals, and they will be able to locate the information they require.
Keep track of all the contacts you make and the dates of your conversations. This will make finding your way around much easier, especially with reminders.
Organizing performances or interviews takes time, so try to plan ahead of time to anticipate as many things as possible. To stay on track with your own timetable, you may need to contact the room a few months before the target date.
Do not be discouraged if you do not receive a response; it may take numerous emails to receive a response.

Create a Team.

You will be able to handle a lot of things on your own if your career is still in its early stages. If you’re starting to break through, getting offers of contracts, and being approached on a regular basis, it’s time to get some help.
The first person you’ll need is the manager. He will be able to answer your questions about contracts in particular as a specialist in the laws of the music industry with a large address book. It can also aid in the medium and long-term adaptation of your plan.

Because this specialist specializes in canvassing performance venues and festivals, the turner is also a figure who can be valuable to you. He has already worked with a number of organizers and earned their trust.
If he believes in you and has the opportunity, he can discover you new locations to play that you weren’t aware of before.
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