I can’t disclose my contract agreement with Eone Records – Madirox Bryan on the interview graph with Tarrmie

As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold – especially when it comes to contracts in the entertainment industry. Though many celebrities have inked deals that are making them millions, plenty has gotten the short end of the stick by signing what’s often referred to as “slave contracts.”

RnB rising star Madirox Bryan recently got signed to EONE records. Regarding the track record of the Label; where artists don’t complete their contract time, We had Madirox Bryan on The Interview Graph with Tarrmie.


Read Short Interview below:

So, what’s the newest thing you are working on?

For now am concentrating on promoting my new video. But I will start anticipating another song from next month

I’ve seen posts on social media that you are signed to Eone records. Are you officially signed?

Yes, I have. Am an Eone Record Artist now. Bless God for everything.

We’ve seen artists come and go, Do you think your case would be different?

Am always different in everything I do. By the grace of God, everything will be fine

I actually haven’t seen the Forever video. Is it out officially?

Yes. On TV. It will drop online next week

About your new boss. We’ve seen controversial posts about him. How would you describe him?

A great man. A man that loves seeing people around him grow. He is not as controversial as people think he is, and most importantly he is the most hardworking man I have ever seen.

How many years contract did you sign with EOne and how much was your bums and batter endorsement worth?

Please, I can’t disclose these details, for now, especially my contract with Eone Records. Please

So has your contract with bums and batter expired?

Nope. Till 2021

How much is the contract worth?

Can’t discuss that. But is a huge amount. Very huge

The fans would really love to know. Just give us an idea.

They should forgive me, but I can’t discuss this for now.

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