I did not Abandon my Music career, I still sing – Roy Clintson on The IGT

On this week’s session of the Prestigious Interview Graph with Tarrmie on Nekx Music. I caught up with PR person Roy Clintson the Honorable Commissioner for Disturbance. The social media strategist and publicist talked about his music career, relationship and his office as the Commissioner for Disturbance. Read the interview below.


The Honorable Commissioner for Disturbance. What is the origin of that name?

The name was birthed during when Rochas Okorocha appointed a “Commissioner for Enjoyment”. Then, I and my friends were piloting a movement, “Disturbing PHcity”, that was geared towards promoting the positive side (especially the creative industry) of the state.
So, when I heard of the office of the Commissioner for enjoyment, I immediately resumed office as the Commissioner for Disturbance, after all, I am disturbing PH city. Well, it was a joke at first, but then, the city (both the online and offline folks) kind of accepted it and together, we are all building one strong brand.
What can you tell me about the “Disturbing PHcity” Movement
Like, I said earlier, it’s a movement that was created/birthed to “Disturb/Promote” the city of Port Harcourt. It was carved out of the “Port Harcourt Sabi The Tin” movement.
The sole aim was to flood the internet with positive happenings in the city, so as to reduce the negative news about the city that’s all over the internet
So can you briefly describe your office as the Honorable commissioner for Disturbance
The office of the Commissioner for Disturbance is one that commissions Creativity, Hard work, Excellence, Positivity etc. The primary aim is to be a Pilar for the young Entertainers and Creative. It’s an office that tells the world about people who are doing exploits (in their various fields).
Let’s rewind back to when all the commissioning started. What were you doing before the Disturbing Phcity movement and before you assumed the office of the commissioner?
Before Disturbing PHcity, I was announcing to the world that “Port Harcourt sabi the Tin”
So you were an artist. We’ve seen your songs lately. Could you tell us why you abandoned your music career
Lol. Well, I didn’t abandon my music career, only took a break from handling the microphone. I still do music, but not as a music artiste, but as a music publicist and promoter.. So, I think it’s wrong to say I abandoned my music career. And for the record, I still sing… Yeah, to myself
Lol! But you really did abandon your music career and there is no better word to use if not “Abandon”. Is it true you have up to 40 recorded tracks?
I didn’t… I repeat, I only took a break. And yes, I have more than 40 recorded tracks. Some were released, others were yet to be released, before I decided to take a break and study the Nigerian music market. I had to take down some of the released tracks though, reason being that most were poorly produced and then, I was still learning how to make good music.
Good talk. So Who’s your real girlfriend? Irene or Jennifer?
“SHE” is my girlfriend… The one that caught my attention. Next question, please
Who’s the one that caught your attention?
She know herself. Next question.
We don’t know her and we want to know. Can you give us a hint of who she’s at least
Some things are better left in the dark, for the light itself is consumable
No need stressing, you’ll never get any information concerning my relationship status…
Or who I am dating or not dating
I will get back to that. In regards to your office as the commissioner. What do you think are the challenges facing the entertainment industry in Port Harcourt?
Hmmmm There are so many, but I’ll focus on finding solutions than talking about challenges
In all of these challenges, I see a new dawn… I just pray we all discover a way whereby the city will start paying. And pay “her local entertainers”
What do you think about local award bodies in the state? Do you think they are biased as most people say?
Well, I don’t know about that. But, if you ask me, I think awards are given based on personal opinions. Except in cases where the pool was visible enough for the audience to actually vote their choice. What I mean to say is, some of these award brands/bodies awards who they “think or feel” deserves the title. And I don’t think they are either wrong or right. Take for example, I recently posted a Playlist last night. On it were songs I listen to. Not every song, including your favourites, were on it. I only selected the songs i felt like listening to. So, if “X Award” awards “Star A” as the “X Awards artiste of the year”, It’s their opinion and not a global opinion. It doesn’t make start A better than the rest. It only proves that Star A has worked to the point where he/she has being recognized by X Awards, and that’s a good thing.. That’s how I see it. As for being biased, we all are bias. So, it’s no news.

Here is a little twist before we conclude. Pick your first five Port Harcourt artistes and five Port Harcourt blogs

My first five Port Harcourt Artists, (for now) in no particular order are:

1. Dr. Barz

2. Dandizzy

3. Eva Praise

4. Prinx Emmanuel

5. Pamela Scott

First five blogs:

1. Phcity Promo

2. Ukalas blog

3. Ukwubenda

4. Nekx Music

5. And others

Thanks for your time. We still have more to discuss. We will have the second edition some other time. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me too… It’s been a nice ride and as for the girlfriend, I don’t have any for now. Do have a blessed day.
Thanks and this, technically is a happy ending for the ladies.
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