I had a covenant with God to permit me do secular music for a while – Jeffy Jeff

Remember we reported two days earlier that, a blogger made a post on facebook which seems to be directed at Jeffy Jeff’s decision of dumping secular music for the work of God.  In that note, The Nekx Music blog caught up with the said artist and had an exclusive chat with him.

Read Excerpts from our chat.


Have you officially switched from secular to gospel music?

Yes Sir

What is your major reason for this move?

Although been in the secular world didn’t relegate me to not be mindful of my calling to serve God as Gospel minister all this while. I had a covenant with God to permit me to do the secular for a period of time then before I make the switch. But I was carried away by the supposed fame I was getting from the secular scene and forget God was actually watching and waiting for me to Fulfill my own part of the Agreement. Thank God am back fully to him and here I will stay and remain forever all to the glory of God

Would you say, your untimely break up with No Limit Music was a sign from God to quit secular music for His work?

God was waiting for me to Make a switch to Gospel music fully while I was with No Limit music, but I never listened. So God did it in his way and today am now A gospel Minister by God’s Grace. But Notwithstanding am in a very Good relationship with my Former Boss Mr Kingsley Anu and as a matter of fact he is highly excited with my new Life and very willing to Support me in all ramifications when need be

Are we expecting a new song from you soon?

Yes Sir

Do you have a specific month or date for the release?

Before the end of August, my first official Gospel single and video will be out by God’s grace. Working on my Album as well

Are you signed to any Label?

None for Now

A blogger said you switched to Gospel music because you had an unsuccessful career in the secular industry. What do you have to say about that?

Well my Brother, Spectators always have a different view from the real actors. He might be speaking from a perspective of attracting more comments on his page. Although I hold nothing against such person’s. They are entitled to their own opinion and I respect that fact. I’m with God now and that is what is more important to me. My call and target are to touch lives positively via my Song’s and save the soul’s of men and women from hell and redirect them to Heaven.

As you said, because of the attention and fame you were getting in the secular industry, you forgot about your covenant with God. Did you start thinking about God when u stopped getting the attention and fame? because your conversion happened after you left No Limit Music. What is the one thing that happened that made you know; this is the right time for you to go back to God.

Remember when Paul was going to Damascus in continuation of his fight against the Christians, Christ visited him and he repented and got born again. There a must be an incident for another to take place. I had it in mind to make the switch but I was been skeptical about it when and how to. It’s never late coz God’s grace is always sufficient for them that seek for it. Hebrew 4:16.

What do you have to say to other artists like you

it’s always good to do the right thing at the time. God’s time is always d best. I wish them well and pray that they make the bold decision quick and fast. Time is running very fast and the world is gradually winding up. The end time is near. May God grant them Boldness in Jesus name Amen.


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