I have been a sad man – Vdj Talks about Life and his forth coming EP

It’s been months since Vdj Tflexx announced his 1st studio project titled The Awakening EP. Since then, fans have received very little details about what the project had to offer, as TFlexx has remained unusually tight-lipped about the overall vibe of the EP.

Well, we finally got some answers this week. TFlexx recently unveiled the project’s official cover art and tracklist, which featured top-notch artists in the music industry.


We caught up with the Bole King as he is fondly called on the second edition of “The Interview Graph with Tarrmie

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Everybody is expecting your EP which is getting massive hype on social media. Why did you name it “The Awakening”

After I lost my parents nothing gives me joy I’m always a sad man. I have to do a song for my mum to be awake cuz I’m empty without her that’s why I title my EP The Awakening.

So is there is a track dedicated to her on the EP

Yeah that’s the first Track

 We learned you have two kids. What about their mum?

Sorry I don’t talk about my private life

Your fans want to know; do you have a release date for your EP yet

I’ve not fix a date yet but soon

The one person nobody expected to be on your EP was Roy Clintson. Many people know him as a graphic designer and a social media publicist. How did he get on Banger?

Hahaha very Funny…Roy is a good singer I know him as an artiste not as a graphic designer. Roy has more than 40 recorded Tracks.

Do you mean recorded “unreleased” tracks?

I have all the songs with me when I talk about him people underrate him. Like Roy Can’t sing; I was like Bro let’s hit the studio I want to clear their doubt. That is why we recorded banger.

That’s interesting. I see you have Loxxy on your project. Did you pay him to feature on your EP

Smiles… Not at all, he did it for love

How do you justify your claim that Port Harcourt entertainers neither appreciate nor support you?

Just imagine when you enter Twitter You see The AwakeningEP Trending. They only support you when they need something from you. Everything about Port Harcourt is Cartel. If they mean business you will see Dandizzy’s “Who goes der” trend on twitter.

Someone once said you should reach out to people for support. Did you reach out to any of the bloggers and they turned you down?

I did and I asked you too but only you never turn me down I appreciate. The rest turn me down but it doesn’t matter we are all cool I believe in the future.

Do you mind giving out the names of the blogs that turned you down? Were you asked to pay for their services?

I keep that to myself

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Meanwhile, Download the official teaser track off The Awakening Ep here

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