“If Someone Calls Me Ugly, I Don’t Get Angry – Actor Charles Ndawurum (Video)

I am not ugly

Charles Ndawurum, a seasoned actor in Nollywood, recently admitted on social media that he doesn’t take it personally when people label him ugly.

The comedic actor said in a video posted on his Instagram page that he didn’t view being ridiculed for his appearance as an insult. He claims that when someone says he looks awful, he doesn’t take it personally and instead considers it a compliment.

He claimed that the only time he gets upset when someone calls him attractive is when they are obviously lying to him.

He then gave Nigerians advice on how to keep from being “harassed” by police officers while driving.

The actor claimed he frequently travels by car and has never experienced harassment.
He then revealed the key as “humility” and counseled youth to avoid the “Don’t you know me” attitude while interacting with law enforcement.

In his own words

I do a lot of road trips, and I’ve encountered a lot of police officers, but they’ve never bothered me. Humility is the key. Keep your “don’t you know me” attitude to yourself. You share the same rights as other citizens. Police will hail you once you have humbled yourself.

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