Machine and Labor cost calculation in Sage X3

In Sage X3, we may
come across a scenario where we need to calculate machine and labor time for
the specific release quantity on basis of time, cost for machine and labor will
be calculated.

Navigate to -> Manufacturing -> Technical Data -> Standard Operation

Standard Operation
  • Here we have entered setup and run time for machine is
    2 & 3 hours respectively.
  • And we have entered setup and operational time for
    labor is 2 & 5 hours respectively.
  • There is no impact of preparation, wait time
    and post operation time on cost calculation.
Routing Management Decalration
Routing Management
  • We need to map standard operation in routing
    management so that it can invoke the details (Work centers, operational
    timings, etc) in routing management.
  • Routing code is tagged with finished good
    product so it will be directly inherited in work order and calculation will be
    as per standard operation.
Machine calculation in hours
Machine calculation
  • Now for a completed work order for release
    quantity 6, calculation will be as follows.
  • Machine:

Declaration in standard

Setup Time: 2

Run Time: 3 hours
/ UN

Calculation for work

Setup Time: 2

Run Time:  3 Hours / UN * 6(release Quantity) = 18 Hours
(Total for work Order)

Labor operational time calculation
Labor operational calculation

Setup Time: 2

Operation Time: 5
hours / UN

Calculation for work

Setup Time:

2 hours (Machine Setup Time) * 3 hours (labour Setup Time) = 6 Hours

Operational Time:

 3 Hours (Machine Run
Time) * 6 (release Quantity) * 5 Hours (Operational Time) = 90 Hours (Total for
work Order)

  • On basis of calculated time, final cost will be

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