Meet The 24-Year-Old Man Who Wears Suit To Hawk Kolanuts In Abuja Traffic (Photo)

An admonition from the Holy Books says “whatever your hands findeth to do, do it with all your might.” This is an admonition for everyone to get serious with his or her job. And that is exactly what this 24-year-old Zubeiru Ibrahim, who hawks kolanuts on the ever-busy and popular Karu flyover bridge in Abuja is doing.

Dressed in well-ironed suit with tie and shoes to match, ibrahim, carries out his work of selling kolanuts very diligently to the admiration of motorists and other road users who usually patronize him.

The kolanut hawker who looks more like a banker because of his appearance, usually carries his tray of kolanuts, bitter kola, sweets, chewing gums and other petty items on his hand and moves from one vehicle to the other looking for customers.

He resumes duty every day at 7 O’clock in the morning and leaves when the traffic has subsided to continue his hawking at near by Kugbo mechanic village and Karu site and closes between 7 and 8 O’clock in the evening.

Born and bred up in Kaduna State, this young man who said he acquired Islamic knowledge from an Islamic school in Kaduna, would have joined his mates to go into banditry, kidnapping, terrorism and other criminal activities to make fast money. But he said that he chose to start from a humble beginning because he believes he will make it big some day.

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