Most Deadliest Ritualist Who Has Killed Over 20,000 People Arrested

The most deadliest ritualist in Africa with name Alfa Mustapha which every money seekers are dying to meet for money rituals to get rich quick. It happened in Porto Novo, Benin Republic.

The ritualist, according to report is a man whom all the money seekers are dying to meet for “get rich quick” scheme.

He has according to the facebook source allegedly killed over 20,000 persons for rituals for his clients all over Africa and usually deposit their bodies inside the well in his shrine after removing their vital organs.

Security agents in Porto Novo asked him to bring out some fresh bodies whom he newly threw inside the well on his arrest.

A Facebook user, Mrs. Doris Ada Kam Uche shared pictures of the man suspected to be the most notorious ritualist who specializes in money rituals.