Music Artist N2Nelly Career Hits Another Dimension As Anticipated Single Release With Oritse Femi Draws Closer

Music Artist N2Nelly Career Hits Another Dimension As Anticipated Single Release With Oritse Femi Draws Closer

One of the most prolific music diva in the Nigerian entertainment industry N2Nelly made an early surprise return after her successful Music project. The energetic celeb did now seize to awe her fans as the rumored release of her new single with an A-List artist did not only come as a surprise but a new dimension to her game. We will take you through journey at which we got this information.

Her type of Music has gained acceptance across the world especially in West Africa where she trades in the game more. To most of her fans, it’s her versatile approach to music, some her vocals and to others the energy she posses in making music. 

In her word “There are a lot of characters to approach she says in making music, I always do music because I love music. It unites the world and heals the soul. Music is more than entertainment its inexplicable when one wants to truly explain. Just flow with it and enjoy it.”

N2Nelly has been on a tour train which has taken most of her time away after the Corona virus hit. She is more of a live performer and a showbiz presenter based on the information rolled to us but that was rebuffed by an insider who said she is busy cooking up a new music project with an A-List artist for a new release. 
An insight to her next Music project shows that it will be having some controversial touch on it. We wanted to have a direct access to the latest update from the source. So here comes that moment.

We hooked up with her manager through her Record label boss. It was an easy access to them since they have an open phone line for their fans to reachout to. A request was made to speak to N2Nelly and was granted immediately, so enjoy the on-phone conversation and interview.

Thank you for accepting our request, we will try to make this interview as brief as possible

You’re most welcome.

Guess we have to start by saying: what are you cooking up?

You mean in the kitchen? Laughter. You have to get to the point before i give you a direct answer o. I don’t want to be caught off-guard especially by you. Another laughter

Ohh You got me. You Know What I mean but let me hit it. Your next music project, we heard something good is coming out soon. Give Us an Insight.

“Now you are coming”. “both laughter”. I have a new single coming up. I have heard a lot on the street about the anticipation, my fans are really calling to know when its dropping, a whole lot of word are out there but to me, I will announce the date personally.

Seems This Personal Announcement Is Really Personal

Not at all. Its a special song for my country, for our people, for everybody who believes in a better life. So It deserves a special announcement. The song carries a special message for everyone who loves this nation. My management has the right to drop the song but I was provided some privileges to choose a special date. Lol

So, Who are you featuring on this song?

Guess who?

Since Its a Nigerian song, I will say 2Baba, African China, Eedris Abdulkareem, Oritse Femi, Victor AD.. I think the list might be endless but these are artist who can vibe with such type of music

Wow, one of your guess is right. If I had the opportunity to feature them all, I will love to.

So Who Is the artist?

Your answer should be pointing at Oritse Femi, The Musical Taliban and the “Double Wahala Crooner”

Wonderful, How did you make it possible?

I have been in the system so my contact reached out to his team and everything was positive. He is a great artist, he understands the type of music I wanted to do, good energy, the moment was all fun.

N2Nelly with Oritse Femi in the studio

Is there a title for the music yet

There is but that will be made public soon. The title is what everyone can relate with as a Nigerian easily

Some of your music project is currently trending in Ghana, How did you do that?

Ghana is my second home just like South Africa. The people there love my type of music, they get attached to the brand and I really love the show of support. It made me do more for my music.

Tell us more about what we should expect from this single

Your should expect the best. LOL.

N2Nelly in the studio with Oritse Femi

Are you going to tell us more about N2Nelly?

I was born in Anambra, grew up in Lagos, a degree holder, moved to South Africa when I got married, currently staying in Ghana and Nigeria, A title holder, released more than 8 singles  BIBIAA YE ODO, JOHNNY, CONNECT, etc and now getting ready to lit the fire!! with the new single.

Wow, That was really brief. So you are a title holder?

Yes but that gist will be available to you another day o. Everyone is a title holder but more interest will arise when the people choose to confer it to you ceremoniously when deserved. It was a wonderful experience and I will always cherish the moment.

N2nelly during her coronation

Which artist do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to every artist loving the craft and putting up hardwork for music to be heard.

Are you signed to a label?

Yes, Mcnell Records

Thank you for having us on this edition of artist interview

You are welcome.

Interview End

You can follow her on social: YouTube: N2NELLY or Mcnells , Facebook: N2NELLY,   Instagram: @iamn2nelly, Twitter: @iamn2nelly

So that was how we got the scope about her upcoming project from her directly and it was a wonderful experience. We expect the new single to come out soon and be available for quick access to her fans through digital and media platform.

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