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K.O baba

A major force which drives the entertainment business is Publicity. Anyone who is familiar with the industry would tell the major role publicity plays whether good or bad.

K.O baba

Someone said “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about”

What it essentially refers to is that, for the entertainment industry, when people stop talking about you, you’re dead – or your career is anyway. A scandal, or rumor of a scandal still keeps your name in the paper, and it will keep people talking about you. You’ll still be invited to parties and screenings, and because of the notoriety, the press will still follow you around and people will flock to see you out of curiosity. Just think of all the actors who got more attention when they started to self destruct. (Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, etc. Even Tiger Woods got more press when he was having personal problems)

In business, however, there is such a thing as bad press and in the age of social media and a general lack of interest in fact-checking, it can be deadly. This is why PR departments are so vital, and companies “manage the message” and their brands carefully…

The famous comedian believes that the Port Harcourt media has been giving out wrong reviews which have hindered corporate bodies from investing and sponsoring their events. In one of his reply to our posts on social media, the Talkaholic mover said

 Every effort we make to improve the fortunes of the creative industry are fought by those who will be the greatest beneficiary. We sit back and wonder why we don’t get corporate sponsorship, its because will always tell the wrong side of our story and make prospective supporters see us as mediocre. If we talk so well about our events they will push to get involved. Pls, we would be worried about gaining control than creating controversy.

K.O baba

He further stressed that

No publicity is a bad one is what ruined and keep ruining our effort in this city. I will be the last to agree that no publicity is a bad one. No company can put its money in an industry with so much failed events as we make it look, even when our events are good. Yet they have put their money in cities with poor events but good narratives and brand perspective. Executives of companies are on social media and most when they see our event review, they feel grateful that they didn’t invest in those events. If we come here and talk well, they will lobby and bargain for a share of our events. This is my concern though


Reviews are important because they serve as eye-openers to event organizers and planners but it’s a however worrying if the successful ones are either not talked about or talked down in order to stir up controversy for personal reasons.

In a bid to attract investors, do you think it is a necessary and professional thing for every event to be termed successful even if they are not?


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