Telegram Paid Subscription: What is it for, How to Purchase and Cancel

Telegram Paid Subscription

Recently, the number of Telegram users exceeded 700 million people. No matter how funny it may sound, in honor of this, the developers decided to add a paid subscription – Telegram Premium. And this is despite the fact that the platform was originally created as an absolutely free messenger, without advertising and subscription fees.

But not everything is so simple. According to the company, a paid Telegram subscription is needed to give users the opportunity to support the further development of the messenger. That is, a person decides to pay or not, and in return receives a nice bonus – unique functions that are not available to ordinary people.

What does a paid subscription in Telegram give?

At the moment, there are only 5 premium features, but more may be added in the future. Here is their complete list:

  • increased volume of downloaded files;
  • download acceleration;
  • doubling limits;
  • special stickers and reactions.

The increased file upload size allows you to send files up to 4 GB in size. Regular users have a 2 GB limit. The function is useful, but many people have a question about why it was impossible to immediately make a limit of 4 GB for everyone. The answer is simple – in Telegram, you do not pay for cloud storage.

Telegram Paid Subscription

Do not forget that the sent files are not stored on your smartphone, and not even on the interlocutor’s device, but on the company’s dedicated servers. So that all users can equally use this feature without reducing the speed and there is this limit.

For paid subscribers, the limit has been increased, since in fact, with their subscription, they pay for the Telegram cloud storage.

The accelerated download allows you to download and send files at the fastest possible speed.

Important point! For most, this function does not work, since the download speed is limited not by telegrams, but by the bandwidth of the mobile Internet. That is, no matter how Telegram wants to increase the speed, if you have a regular 4G, nothing will change.

Doubling the limits increases the maximum number:

  • channels that you can subscribe to – up to 1000;
  • chat folders – up to 20;
  • accounts – up to 4;
  • pinned chats — up to 10;
  • favorite stickers – up to 10.

The function is theoretically useful, but whether there are people who are able to subscribe to 1000 channels at once is a big question. Most people will never reach the 500 channel limit, create 10 chat folders, or register more than 2 accounts.

The remaining functions work as they should and, most likely, most people buy a premium telegram subscription just for them.

How to make a paid subscription in Telegram

For this you need:

  1. Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Go to settings and scroll down a bit.
  3. Find the inscription “Telegram Premium” and click on it.

Here you can see all the features available after purchasing a premium subscription and the price. The current price for Android smartphones is 309 rubles per month. On iOS, the price is slightly higher – 449 rubles.

How to cancel a paid subscription in Telegram

By default, the premium subscription is perpetual, that is, the money will be debited every month, even if the client has already deleted the Telegram application and does not use it.

You have the following options for canceling your subscription:

  1. Go to settings, find the Telegram Premium section in the settings and disable debiting.
  2. Use the official @PremiumBot bot for a paid subscription, to which you need to send the “/stop” command.

The advantage is that the subscription will be valid until the day of the next debit even after cancellation. That is if it was issued on January 1, but already on January 2, the client canceled the charges, then the subscription will still be valid until February 1.