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Moral Allen Erigma 2 album review

The phenomenal Rapper ERIGGA made October 4th for all his music fans memorable as they receive the anticipated magnificent Album by ERIGGA also known as Paper Boy.

ERIGGA is a top-notch rapper as he infuses his rap flows with a flavor tagged “Warri Pidgin”, as he uses his funny Warri lingua to bring breathtaking music to the ears of his hungry fans!

But here we have the album serve to us hot on a plate.

But was it worth the hype and wait?

According to ERIGGA he promised that the album would shake the whole nation as he features another top-notch artist to join the game.

In this review I will be sharing my thoughts about every song on the album, if they are really worth the hype, and can hold water in the Nigerian Music scene, After waiting for 7 years for this album.

Moral Allen Erigma 2 album review


1. Welcome to Warri

Welcome to Warri was the Track one. Here, this single serves as the intro of the album as he introduced us to his full life being a “Ghetto Kid”, growing up ERIGGA experienced the worst part of life as he lived his life as a real ghetto thug, growing up From the streets of Warri as he talked on the song of how he experienced crises and lots more. In this track, he brought out the Warri version of his brand, which has been the beginning of his life as a rapper, and in this track, he can be tagged as “The Nigerian 2PAC”.
He survived thuggery even as a young man who lived most of his life at the worst part of the places, which made him have thuggery stories to share, and he introduced these places on this track as he welcomes us to his root “Warri”.

2. Area to the World (feat. Victor AD)

In this Track, ERIGGA brought his major industry experience of the past to the current world, as he celebrates the movement of his brand now going to the world.

One of the funny stories was when he talked about his favorite OAP he sent his song to help play his song and the OAP failed to play it and according to him, he was pained cause he spent a lot to get the song done.

He speaks about consistency and how he has seen the success of the years of struggling in the Nigerian industry as a Local Rapper.
However, after listening to this track, someone said to me, ERIGGA and Victor AD needs to have another separate album together. Both artists are great whenever they are on the same song, technically this is because they have worked consistently together over the years and understand their sound, flops, input and output so they could achieve great music together so easily. This track to me serves as the best of the album for me cause this part of the body of the work tells about his transformation to the world.

3. Next Track (feat. Oga Network)

In this Track ERIGGA and he featured artist Oga Network introduced the Afro Beat to the album mixed with a highlife feeling, which brought another dimension on this body of work.

Next Track comes in a handful of ERIGGA relationships with his fans, and the outstanding steadfastness of his brand been relevant in the industry over the years. In this same track, he was tagged “ERIGGA International”, this then brings up a thought that this album is all about ERIGGA going to the world, leaving Warri as he intends to break bounds across the world.

4. Two Criminals (feat. Zlatan)

“Two Criminals” by these Two artists is the most “crazy” song on the album as both artists were really on their A-game!. The featured artist ZLATAN ibile brought his sound and kind of music to the Album, and as expected the lead artist ERIGGA killed it, the flavour both artists bring was filled with too much hotness in one song.

This is the major dance song on this album, and ERIGGA prepared this for his fans, and have you noticed that ERIGGA is being deliberate by working on every genre of music?

5. Cold Weather

Cold weather took us to the Relationship and Emotional part of ERIGGA life, he talked about the real-time he had with a female counterpart, and this song made a gracious feeling as he put a female voice over the chorus.

This track would be addressed as an unusual ERIGGA who always talks about his city, life, and future, but on this track, he took us to his loving sight for women and how he handles their satisfaction on the bed in particular weather.

The majority of his fans would fall in love with this song anyways…. (Laugh out Loud).

6. Home Breaker (feat. Magnito & Sipi)

At this part of the body of work, ERIGGA brought a female feeling as he featured Sipi, which connected to the storyline of the track.

This track talked about his experience with a girl who got pregnant for him, and how they played through having a wife too in the picture. Magnificent rapper Magnito talked about his own experience with top-notch lines, mixed with the Hausa lingual, and Sipi making the chorus pleasant. This body of work is another story that brought the “Female Counterpart” to the album.

7. Oyo (feat. Graham D)

O.Y.O is an abbreviation for the popularly Nigerian used words “On Your Own”, which tells that everyone is responsible for his/her life. In this song, ERIGGA talks about how things are going and everyone is on their own minding their Business. In this song comes the prolific artist Vector who talked about the detrimental part of the Street. The chorus was taken by one of his favorite singer Graham D

8. Ayeme (feat. yung zee Onos)

This song becomes the most soul-touching song in this album which tells about a village love. AYEME means “My OWN” when ERIGGA talks about his acclaimed village love who prepared some favorite delicacies while he was still in the street, this talks about a great part of the female counterpart which also happens to be her day. This is possibly a “Wedding Song” on ERIGGA’s Album, although we don’t really know whose Wedding, this is a regular wedding song any Nigerian would vibe on.
On this track, he featured Yung Zee Onos who spiced up the song.

9. Head Pan (feat. Prinx Emmanuel)

Months ago I had a talk with Prinx Emmanuel over his sound and kind of music, how talented he is to switch to every kind of music he could think of, despite the fact he is a terrific producer he is also an outstanding artist.
Head pan featuring Prinx Emmanuel comes out with a piece of advice to the world to use their head and mind their business. Instead of talking about other people’s Business, get yours and work. This happens to be a wake-up call.

10. The Erigma 2 (feat. M.I. & Sami)

This comes as the major body of the album as he gets 2 interesting artists on this track, one happens to be a popular rapper who has hold bounds in the rap industry, but the funniest about this track was how MI was trying to do the Warri lingua with ERIGGA and at the last part of his verse he scaled through.
This track comes with much glory as ERIGGA came in with his thoughts on how people would want his Rise and Fall, he directed this to a group of people he tagged “AREA”. This song chorus was spiced up by the incredible SAMI.

11 Body Bags (feat. Ice Prince)

This is the only Trap work on this album. ERIGGA brought on this track one of the finest rap singer ICE PRINCE to spice up the sound, ERIGGA made a fact on this song, talking street and experience, he also took the chorus, Ice prince took on the last verse on the song and it was delivered.

12 Hookups Only (feat. Sami)

Hookups is a popular tag given while meeting a girl for the night, ERIGGA talked about how he met hookups in Lagos, and how they dare to be among, being a groupie and famous. Sami came in with a wonderful chorus and verse, the song is about some sect of girls who would do some daring things just to be famous.

13 Victims (feat. Funkcleff)

Victims was a video recorded session tagged the “Aktivated Session”, it was compiled on this album as ERIGGA shared his story of some of his friends who have lost their lives while hustling and others who got arrested for committing crimes. In this track he also made advises to others who tend to commit. And he came with the idea that in the Street everyone is a victim of bad situations.
The victim is a soft vibe filled with Magnificent flows, with ERIGGA reminiscing, this is one of his best jobs recorded live. Also in this track, he featured Funkleff.

14. My Love Song (feat. Sipi)

This is the original Love song on the ERIGMA 2 album. ERIGGA spiced this song up with his intro flow “Lion wey wey know book inside exam Hall, na monkey you go beg answer”…
In this song, ERIGGA talked about his Love with a marvelous chorus made by Sipi.

15 Bang Bang (feat. Shuunbebe & Funkcleff)

This would be another Afro dance song on this album after “Two Criminals” with ZLATAN. On this track, Shunbebe and Funkleff took the intro as they dealt with the instrumental before the emergence of ERIGGA’s voice. The song is an unusual Afrobeat song produced by No Limit, well done and mixed.

16. Street Motivation (feat. Dr. Barz)

While I was listening to this album, I was shocked to hear Dr. Barz sing, The amazing rapper did the chorus which was wonderfully blessed. ERIGGA talked about how he is motivated by the street no matter what he has seen. He still talks about his intention to still break grounds as a musician, he also chipped about a detrimental part of the industry. This song happens to be one of the best-motivated songs on this Album.

17. Area People

“Area People” is a dialogue!
This is one of the awesome songs on this album as ERIGGA took us back to the street, the same street that raises his name up, now on this chapter he talked about his street enemies, back biters, and betrayers.
“AREA” has happened to be his slang of where he came from, in the latter part of this review we would learn how this has affected his career so far.

18. Goodbye from Warri (1999)

Welcome to the End of the body of the Album ERIGMA 2. In this track, ERIGGA talks about his story, the real story of his life, how he lost his brother, and how he grew up in the rough part of the Street. This is a song he made an acclaimed threatening to whoever thinks he is going soft. This is reminiscing of how life has been, the past of ERIGGA is not served on a platter of gold, rough background from this same tagged “AREA” and at the end of this song he says this would be the last time he would talk about his past.

Let’s Reframe!
Now we are done with each song review this is the Reframe.

I have come to the conclusion that this Album is all about ERIGGA talking about one word that has made him “AREA”…

In this album ERIGGA made an impact taking us around to these people, how he was raised, how he survived and finally how is LEAVING Area this same tagged “AREA”…
So who or what is this Area? That should be answered by the singer.
However, this song should be seen as a song of “Departure” for the rapper ERIGGA as the body of this work tends the rapper to leave his cause AREA.

This would happen to be a memorial body of work as ERIGGA made his departure now officially and in this album, he talks about his experience on this AREA, his good and bad situations and how the AREA had made him.

So the question now rests on how he sets to leave where is he headed to? A new Area? Or a new phase of life??

We would get this answer on his next body of work, meanwhile, let’s vibe to this experience “The ERIGMA 2”.

This is my overall review of this album the ERIGMA 2 by ERIGGA.
I hope you follow me on all platforms to get updated.

Moral Allen Erigma 2 album review

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