TIDAL Can Let You Make Extra Money With Your Music

TIDAL Can Let You Make Extra Money With Your Music

You can now earn additional money from your music on TIDAL, in addition to whatever streaming earnings, you already have.

TIDAL has a long history of focusing on artists, from being the first major streaming platform to deliver CD-quality music to paying artists the best compensation in the business. TIDAL has now unveiled a plethora of new services that will help subscribers as well as artists. The new Direct Artist Payouts Program is the biggest news for musicians who have distributed music to TIDAL.

TIDAL’s Direct Artist Payouts Program explains what it is and how it works.

TIDAL will pay up to 10% of a HiFi Plus listener’s monthly membership cost to the most-streamed artist on that listener’s account each month as part of their new initiative. This is in addition to whatever stream earnings the artist receives.

What exactly does this imply? TIDAL will pay you up to 10% of the cost the subscriber pays for their HiFi Plus subscription if any TIDAL HiFi Plus customers have played your songs the most out of any of their streamed artists at the end of the month.

To put it another way, TIDAL is paying you for any superfans that stream your music more frequently than any other artist. Another reason to promote your music and build a dedicated fan base!

What method will be used to pay the Direct Artist Payouts?

A $50 payment threshold was imposed by TIDAL. TIDAL will submit money to your distributor after revenue earned by satisfying the “most-streamed artist” threshold reaches at least $50 under this new scheme then deposit the funds into your account like any other revenue.

TIDAL is also reorganizing its user levels.

TIDAL’s free tier is aimed at new users who are unfamiliar with the service. It’s an audio-only experience with a restricted number of options. TIDAL material, including new releases and current libraries, will be spared from interruptions. This is only accessible in the United States at the moment.

TIDAL is renaming its existing Premium tier to a HiFi tier (priced at $9.99 a month in the United States and equivalent prices elsewhere), which will include all of the current features of TIDAL’s $9.99 tier plus lossless audio quality.

TIDAL’s previous HiFi tier will be replaced with a new HiFi Plus tier (priced at $19.99 per month in the United States and comparable rates elsewhere). This includes immersive audio formats, (ii) fan-centered royalties, and (iii) direct artist rewards, among other things.

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