True owner of “Alive” revealed. A song by Azaaa & Peak Henry

We were tagged to a post on Facebook in the early evening of Friday, 7th June 2019. The post reads

Azaa Firequeen Vs Peak Henry

Abeg Una Two Who Be The Originator Of Alive?

I real wanna know who dey copy who

Recall that, sometime last year, Port Harcourt based songstress Peak Henry came to the limelight with a hit song she released under her estranged label titled “Alive”. The song received great reviews and was also graced with a beautiful video.

Little did we know that there was another version of the song by an unknown female singer named “Azaaa The Fire” on the internet that was released on July 7, 2018.

After a series of debate, the Nekx Music blog reached out to both parties to find out who the true owner of “Alive” is. Read excerpts from the chat below:

Our Chat with Peak Henry


Yes na. Na today, I knew her as faith not even azaaa. Ask her
She said she promoted the song on radio and online. Did you not hear her version of the song at that time?
We both nearly got signed on the same label
I didn’t hear until when I wanted to drop mine, My x manager found out
You mean you heard her own before you dropped yours?
Like a day before i wanted to drop mine. My manager sent me a link. I was shock to see it was even her
When your ex-manager sent you the link, did you contact her
Right away na
What was her response?
She didn’t have one. She went and removed it
You said after your team contacted her, she went on and removed the song online?
Yes sir, the link
Did you record the song twice? like before you got signed to Eone and after?
Before I got signed N when i got signed. Cause i really didn’t want the song to go like that
Was she writing songs for you?
Lolx. She wrote songs for the label Not me Cause I never signed the deal. Her kind of songs are not my kind

Our Chat with Azaaa


Did you know Peak before now?

Yes, sir. I used to write songs for her

Oh, so u wrote the song for her?

No, I wrote songs for myself under my former label mts. They wanted to sign her in then since her composition wasn’t too strong, I was asked to compose two songs which she will sing as a test before final documentation.
I wrote Sweetie body and Alive, she sang sweetie body but not Alive. For some reason, they didn’t sign her. The label shut down a year later and I was allowed to go with all my songs and the video they shot for me since they breached our contract. I was signed by uptown in June 2018. I proceeded to record the songs I GO, ALIVE AND ERI which I released at once in July. Then I recorded Sweetie body too and Moni but released just Moni in order to concentrate on promotion.

At the time I wrote Alive. She was there with me because I wanted her to feel as comfortable with the song as possible. She made suggestions which I declined because my then boss had a standard and her suggestions didn’t match up to it. Everything I sang was purely my lyrics as can be attested by baron sounds who made the beat in June and recorded me for two days straight, earl shun mixed and mastered the song. I first played it on Wazobia FM, then Rhythm FM Port Harcourt in May. DJ best of Rhythm PH can attest to it. Next was Rhythm FM in Bayelsa, Miss Faustina Oputu a broadcaster with Glory FM  in Bayelsa tuned into the interview so she can attest to it.

Finally, the manager of Eone records Mr A4 can attest to this. My stand still remains that if she had intentions to do or had done a sound like that, I’m not aware. My song alive was written, produced and delivered strictly from my imagination with the help of two professional singers and producers

She made a claim that her management found out about your song 24 hours before she released hers and asked you to bring the links down, which you did without saying a word. Is that true?
False. Her manager Mr A4 contacted me after a blog compared her song to mine. We had a long extensive chat via call and WhatsApp for 4 hours. He further apologized to me after questioning me to his satisfaction. He maintained that a video had been shot already to accompany the release of the song and since I had three songs if I would wish for the song to be canceled, they will incur losses. So we came to a truce which was I should assume the song was a cover of mine and let it go
Azaaa went on to prove that Peak Henry’s former Label mate and Port Harcourt’s sensational singer “J-FLY” was also aware of the feud. See screenshots below
Though it is now clear that, Azaaa first recorded Alive and released it online. What is not clear, however, is who actually wrote the song. Peak Henry claims that she played the song for Azaaa in the studio and Azaaa turned it down. Stick with us while we update you with the drama as it unfolds.
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