Upcoming Artists should stop patronizing unknown promoters – Luciano Da Abia

Luciano Da Abia

Luciano da Abia, a Port Harcourt based talented fast-rising Afro-Pop singer and convener of the BE SERIOUS brand was on The Interview Graph with Tarrmie last week.

Artist Profile

Name: Anele Lucky Obinna.

Stage name: Luciano Da Abia.

State: Abia State.

State of Residence: Rivers State.

Style of music: Afro-pop.

Read the interview below.

Welcome to the interview Graph

Thank you

What is your stage name?

Luciano Da Abia

How long have you been doing music?

Since secondary school days but professionally 2015

What type of music do you do?


How many songs do you have?


Nice. And how many videos do you have?

Luciano Aba: Just a viral video. Got lyrics video too

Are you currently working on something?

Yes. An EP

What would you say is the major challenge in the Port Harcourt music industry for you

Acceptance. A lot of entertainers in PH are ethnocentric. They find it difficult to accept upcoming singers especially when they don’t have anything to gain financially. Another major challenge is meeting with the right people. A lot of fraudulent people posing as either bloggers or promoters.

Have you worked with any fraudulent blogger?

Yes naa

Do you mind, mentioning names?

For some reasons I will not call out names. But they exist. You pay them to upload your song on their website or in mixtapes, they collect funds and don’t do the job or they upload and a few days later, you cant download the song from their site anymore. I stopped taking such risks working with unknown promoters.

Give me a name so at least other upcoming artists would not fall victims to such promoters

Sorry, I can’t give you any specific names. They are all over social media. I only advise the upcoming artistes to stop patronizing unknown promoters

How many artists are looking up to and how many will you like to work in the Music industry

Quite a good number of them. I can work with anyone in as much as the outcome is good music that will educate, entertain or motivate people. Duncan mighty, Dr. Barz, Dandizzy, Stunna, Bulkwild, Abobi Eddie roll etc

No Female? Why?

Nothing, if available why not

What advice would you give to artists that are already popular to help the industry in Port Harcourt

Carry upcoming artistes along. Show them the way forward because fame is turn by turn. Most times, it is not about money. It is about doing the right thing the right way.

I forgot to ask, how did you come with the name Luciano Da Abia and what is your real name

My name is Lucky Obinna Anele. My friends call me Lucky Luciano. So when I went into music I choose Luciano but I was confronted by State Films at a studio in Rumumasi (Studz records) owned by TR-Rockz, where he said there was another entertainer bearing Luciano. So I choose Luciano Da Abia meaning Luciano from Abia. So today am known as Luciano Da Abia aka Mr. BeSerious

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